This online course is directed towards children in years 4,5 and 6. In each session we discuss a book written by either a BAME author, or that contains BAME characters. We discuss the characters, key topical themes,  and take part in fun tailored activities. We also integrate the national curriculum and build on the skills your child needs to become an avid reader. The ebooks come at no extra cost for you to keep! There is also fun homework to help keep your child entertained over the summer! We meet up twice a week for 45 minutes and aim to keep the class size between 6-8


Next Course Date: 21/7/2020


Telephone:  07853 438553


This is targeted towards Year 10 and Year 11 English literature students. I have worked in secondary schools ranging from RI to Outstanding . I have been a private GCSE tutor for ten years. My students have all surpassed their target by at least two grades. I offer private tuition for GCSE, but strongly believe students benefit from a seminar style environment to talk through any points that they are struggling with. I always tell my students that no question is stupid and more often than not, those questions open up a fantastic discussion. English literature is supposed to be discussed and debated, but teachers are forced to teach for exams and not pleasure. This is where I come in! Parents often comment on my unique teaching style and that I actually care and motivate their children. Covid-19 has changed our entire outlook and students have missed out on way too much, so I'm going to help you get back on track. 

Next Start Date: September 2020 


Telephone: 07853 438553

Get Booked! Women's Online Book Club

The English Plug presents "Get Booked", our first women's only book club. It's so important to make time for yourself. As a mum and a postgrad student, I rarely find the time to read for pleasure anymore! This book club is as much for me as it is for you. We'll meet once a month to give you plenty of time to read. I've picked "The Fault in Our Stars" as the first text, but you will have an opportunity to vote for subsequent reads. Currently, I am thinking about hosting this during school hours, but I am willing to be flexible depending on whether we have working women joining too! 

Start Date: October 2020


Telephone: 07853 438553

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