The Eternals

Banished to the Tangled Webb, Daemador is eager to restore his family heritage by any means necessary. He quickly realises that nothing is as it seems. He didn't count on falling in love with the enemy. 

They both face a difficult decision: family or love?

The hunt for the Elements are on! Magick, love and war intertwine in this tale. Let the games begin...


“Protect our child!” Lilith screamed at Daemonum as the army surrounded them. “Keep him safe by any means necessary.”.

“You needn’t fear, my love. We will make it through.” Daemonum grasped her hand tightly with a reassuring look.

Lilith didn’t believe they were going to make it out alive. She drew her power from the ring, and she saw it in the hands of the enemy. “We must retrieve my ring so I can enhance my magick!”

Daemonum rushed forward and knowing he was vastly outnumbered. “You will pay for this!” he said, hurtling flames towards the advancing soldiers.

“We will see who pays with their lives,” Andinus snarled, a smile curling across his face. “Many have tried, and all have failed.” His voice echoed through the clearing of the dark forest.

“Take him!” Lilith gave Daemonum the baby as she used the last reserves of her magick to decimate a portion of the army. “The shield won’t last much longer!” She stepped forward towards the usurper and had enough strength for one last attempt.

“No! You cannot have the ring! I am its sworn protector!” Lilith threw a burst of light towards the intruder. She looked towards the body of Seraphim. Anger bubbled inside of her. “Queimari” Another shot of light fired towards her assailant. Fire burned around them both. “Dori!”

He knelt before the Queen; the pattern of the fire reflected in his silver armour. She heard his voice crack from the heat, and he removed his cloak that was dangerously close to setting alight. Sweat poured down his face, leaving a glistening river through the ash that covered his face.

The man fell to his knees holding his chest fiercely. The woman twirled her hands, power building from her gestures, “PROSCRIBILA!” An unearthly light with a faint blue shimmer emerged from her long, pale fingers. Her eyes turned black as the magick coursed through her bulging green veins.

Daemonum looked confident and clutched the baby tighter from within the magickal shield. He would soon be reunited with his love. Lilith turned to look at him with victory glistening in her jet-black eyes.

With one last ounce of strength, the man lifted his sword and the spell backfired onto Lilith. The sword shattered into a million pieces, each piece glowing with light until they hit the ground. She screamed, an unnatural sound. It was the sound of a mother knowing she was about to lose her child forever, and with that, she was gone.

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