How We Do It


Simple Proofreading

This is a detailed read with comments through Microsoft Track and then a follow up consultation. This is recommended for a final proof and to ensure you have answered the research question. 



This focuses on ensuring grammar, punctuation and vocabulary are to a high standard. The focus is to improve coherency. This also includes reducing word count.


This option provides rewriting sections of your dissertation/thesis/assignment. It looks at language and structure and how to improve word efficiency. This is useful for those who want to maximise word count and are worried about unnecessary repetition. 


All Inclusive 

For this option we include all proofreading and editing services. However, we also look at the nature of your research question, provide helpful sources and further points to consider. This includes longer telephone consultations and professional tutor feedback to guarantee a higher result. This benefits those who are self-conscious about their writing style or if English is not your native language. 


All our charges are based on individual projects as every customer's needs differ. We do not offer fixed prices and depending on the nature of the project will charge an hourly rate. This will be discussed BEFORE we begin your work.


If you cannot provide us with at least 7 days notice then you might incur a rush fee. 

We are happy to support you in your writing journey :) 

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